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I’m Ali, and I’ve been living in Berlin since 2015. I created this site a few years ago to share my Berlin expertise and insider tips with you so you can have an amazing trip to Berlin.

Too often tourists come here and miss out on some of the best things the city has to offer because they simply didn’t know those things existed. Or they run out of time because they didn’t realize the best way to organize their itineraries.

My aim is to help you avoid these pitfalls. I want to help you plan a trip based on your interests, whether you’re visiting Berlin for the history or the culture or simply to enjoy the city’s quirks. On this site, you’ll find plenty of suggested itineraries, tips for sights to visit, info about getting around the city, where to eat and drink, day trips from Berlin, and more!

Andy and Ali from Berlin Travel TipsI’ve been living in Germany since 2011, and my husband, Andy, has been in Germany since 2007. We were living in Freiburg (in the Black Forest) for several years when Andy got a three month contract in Berlin in 2013. We fell instantly in love with Berlin during that time, and a little over a year later we were packing up our apartment and moving across the country.

We’re originally from the US, but Germany is now home. And I love Berlin so much that I want to make sure you have the best trip possible when you visit Berlin.

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